Who we are

POPCORN is a Stuttgart based creative film production company. We do not just simply execute a film concept but we analyze our customer's needs and transpose concepts into movies in an affecting and sustainable way. Thus, our services include strategy, conception and film production.

Benajmin Wiedernbruch


//creative director

Benjamin founded POPCORN in 2021 after having run two successful production companies in Stuttgart before.

With extended experience as an agency and independent creative producer he got in touch with strategy and creation for the last years and is now the creative lead of POPCORN.

Former Work of Benjamin

Marissa‍ Möhrke

Coming from an agency background as film producer Marisa spent the last years working as in-house producer in global companies in automotive and retail industry.

She combines experience in national and international production with the extended knowledge of companies' communicational needs.


//executive producer

Former Work of Marisa

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What We do

Communication Strategy

Based on the analysis of your communicational needs and company values we develop a profound communication strategy for your individual concern. In a comprehensive briefing phase we consider the story you want to tell and extract the main topics we plan to convey to a specific audience on selected channels.


As a consequence of the content we develop concrete communication means. The creation consists of film conception, treatments, storyboards, mood films etc. to give everyone involved an impressive idea of the planned film product. All the planned assets will be scheduled in an editorial + distribution planning.


Together with a broad network of experts in film and photography we set up a specific production team for your project. That way production is not performed by generalists but by specialists. During production we continuously review decisions with you to fulfill your
demands effectively and efficient.


With our network of post-production specialists we finalize your film by raw editing as well as color grading, custom music composition and sound design, motion design, VFX and distributing the specific formats you need to you and your media agency

Our Clients